Estate planning is the process of developing a comprehensive plan for how to distribute one's assets at the time of death. Our firm considers the most cost effective manner, considering the specific needs of the family and the type and amount of assets. Estate planning can include using gifts during a person’s lifetime to reduce the taxable estate. The goals of effective estate planning services are to protect assets, preserve wealth, minimize tax exposure, and clearly define how a person's assets will be distributed at the time of their death.


Estate Planning

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After the client has selected the appropriate planning techniques, we help people with their estate planning needs through the drafting of comprehensive estate planning documents including:

  1. BulletWills (simple and complex),

  2. BulletTrusts (insurance, minors, charitable and living trusts),

  3. BulletAdvance directives for medical and financial needs,

  4. BulletLiving wills

  5. Bulletand Family Limited Partnerships.

We also assist people during and after a divorce seeking to draft a newly executed will or prepare marital property agreements for couples in anticipation of marriage. The firm's estate planning practice places a strong focus on preserving wealth by minimizing tax exposure, including exposure to unnecessary estate taxes.

Through wills, trusts, and comprehensive estate planning, we can make sure that all that you have worked for is protected and that your loved ones are provided for.